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Earth, Wind & Fire Medley (Cover)

Do I Dare

Of late I’ve been thinking. In truth, I never seem to stop thinking. The thoughts lately are generally centered around dreams and having them come true, or otherwise. And the question is always ‘Do I Dare Dream?’

On my last day at Kingston International, as I was leaving the office, I said goodbye to a friend of mine. While doing so I confessed being rather afraid of the unknown next step. To which she responded “You’re not scared of anything”
Now, I’m thoroughly glad that I come across as fearless and full of confidence, even cocky to many I come across. To a friend that I trust, I have no qualms in confessing being daunted. I told her that I’d felt the same fear before many of my major life changes. I was quite afraid when I left my job and Vodafone on 05 to return to full time education. I was beyond scared when I stood for election to the post of President of the Kingston University Students’ Union, both times. And before leaving Kingston International, I was petrified. All that did not stop me from moving forward anyway. In truth, I hope it never stops me. I hope it continues to empower me. Every time I seek to take a step outside of that which I know to be me, there is fear. And the question is always ‘Do I Dare?’


This Is For You

This is for you
You for whom the sun never shines
For whom the birds do not sing.
You for whom the stars never sparkle
This is for you.

You who have loved
You who have lost
You have made it to the end of the rainbow and found no pot of gold
This is for you

You who have fought
You who have won
You who have fought
You who have lost
You are the reason for this song

This is for you
You who cry tears of sorrow in the midnight hour
You who weep unconsoleably when the sad song plays
You who the history books forget
You who is left in neglect
This is for you.

I know it seems you’re forgotten
You are not.
Your song is still heard.
That faint voice on the wind.
We still hear it.
We still sing it
We still see your soul
We still feel you wounds
We still hear
We still see.