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Happy New Year – 2017

This Year

Another year gone.

Another day is done.

Another revolution around the sun.

New dreams born.

Resolutions torn.

Fears, hates, desperately spurned.

Did you cry last year?

Did you laugh last year?

Did you cling to simple hope last year?

Did you hurt last year?

Did you tickle a rib last year?

Did you lift your face to the sky last year?

Then, maybe you have lived this last year.

In what is to come.

There is much to fear.

But then, there is reason for hope,

in this new year.

Lift your face to the sun this year.

Lift your voice in song this year.

Don’t forget the strength of your heart this year.

There is hope to be found this year.

If you but know where to look this year.

As long as you live this year.

There is hope.

Look deep within, that which is you.

Find your bliss, and then go pursue.

The thing that makes you jump for joy.

The things that cause you, your heart to employ.

The things that challenge,

And sometimes cause you to rip out your hair.

These things are things to reach for this year.

Ignore the things, that are far too big to handle.

Rather, look inward.

There you’ll find things, that life cannot dismantle.

There is hope this year.

If you but have courage this year.

Believe me, you can this year.

If you but have the will this year.

Believe it or not.

It’s in your hands.

Despite all you see,

that might reprimand.

Have faith and believe,

in all that you are.

And you will accomplish much this year.

Welcome to  2017!

Happy New Year!

This Is For You

This is for you
You for whom the sun never shines
For whom the birds do not sing.
You for whom the stars never sparkle
This is for you.

You who have loved
You who have lost
You have made it to the end of the rainbow and found no pot of gold
This is for you

You who have fought
You who have won
You who have fought
You who have lost
You are the reason for this song

This is for you
You who cry tears of sorrow in the midnight hour
You who weep unconsoleably when the sad song plays
You who the history books forget
You who is left in neglect
This is for you.

I know it seems you’re forgotten
You are not.
Your song is still heard.
That faint voice on the wind.
We still hear it.
We still sing it
We still see your soul
We still feel you wounds
We still hear
We still see.