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I crave insanity
Insanity born of purpose
I crave insanity
Insanity that promotes drive.

That insanity that ignites passions
And makes you relentless
That insanity that drives creativity
So you can never stop.

That insanity that is unreasonable
And won’t accept what is.
That insanity that is wonderful
And only sees the beauty in all.

That insanity that will look beyond
Beyond the veneer
And see the truth
See the beauty beneath.

Inject me with this insanity.
For the world is becoming far too sane.
We can no longer see things that really matter.
We live in the sanity of the material.
The sanity of what we can touch.

I’d rather have the insanity
of what I cannot see.
I cannot see the love,
that gently encapsulates my mind

I cannot see the inspiration
that causes me to write.
And yet I trust in both
Both push me to fight.

Our hearts no longer beat for each other.
Our hearts no longer beat for truth.
Our hearts just beat for ourselves.
We leave the rest to rust.

Please give me this insanity
That insane thirst for knowledge
I want the insanity of love
That stupid fleeting thing.

I want my insanity
That childhood glee
No thought of what should
And what should not be

Give me insanity
It is my fondest plea
Wrapped in a world
Ripe with possibility

The thing that causes
our hearts to flutter
Is insane it’s true.
But it draws me out of the gutter

So yes, give me insanity.
I need not your reasoning.
Give me insanity.
For it is the reason I’m still breathing.


I don’t close my eyes to sadness.
I don’t turn my ear from cries.
Though I’ll turn my ears to gladness
And turn today’s truth to a lie.

I’ll reach into the ether
And pull out a new tomorrow.
I’ll plunge into my dreams.
So the future turns from sorrow.

Today may tell one thing.
But tomorrow’s yet to be born.
If you dwell in today’s darkness.
You’ll never see the light.

You don’t need to close your eyes to sadness.
To see the future gladness.
But you shouldn’t plunge into the tears
To live away from fear.

In that distant time,
In years yet to come.
Beyond the bridges burnt
Beyond the battles won.

The people who live there.
The people born from now.
Their hope is drawn from you.
They look to you for how.

If you would build tomorrow.
If you would make it bright.
Turn your heart away from sorrow.
Turn your heart to the sunrise.

For when the sun rises
And makes the night flee.
The demons that haunt at night
Will have to let you be.

As it warms your heart
And fills you with gladness
It will let fly your fears
And replace them with light.

Be not afeared
of that which is to come.
For that distant horizon
Holds a bright world, not yet born.

New battles to be won.
New challenges to face.
And a wondrous new adventure
A path you’re yet to grace.

Tomorrow can be bright
If that is what you are.
Tomorrow can be a thrill
If you but have the will.

Tomorrow lies in you
And it’s just beyond your view
Tomorrow holds your prize
If you would just own it too.

So don’t close your eyes to sadness.
And don’t turn your ear from cries.
But turn your ears to gladness
And turn today’s truth to a lie.

The Artists

The artists demand.
A lot of this world.
A lot from friends.
A lot from acquaintance.

The artists demand.
You give us attention.
You give us your love.
With no apprehension.

We demand you your eyes.
We demand you your fears.
We demand you your mind.
We demand you your tears.
We demand nothing less,
Than all you have to give.
For in return, we’ll give you the world.

We’ll remind you of joy. In the midst of your tears.
We’ll inspire you to fight. In spite of your fears.
We’ll write words, to set afire your mind.
We’ll paint pictures, to beguile your eyes.
We’ll sing melodies that cause you to dance.
The dance of your life, so your worth you’ll enhance.

We’ll bring down the stars and help you to name them.
We’ll show you your birthrights, remind you to claim them.
We’ll show you your future, yet to be seen.
We’ll prod you and poke you, so your worth you may glean.

I ask you this, I must insist.
Are we not worth what we demand?
Tell me this and tell me true.
Are we not worth all this to you?

When we cry at un-met perfection.
And seek you out craving affection.
When we stand before you, heart torn asunder.
We ask that you bring us back from under.

We who paint skies for you.
Sometimes need to remember.
That darkness is not the only hue.
Sometimes there’s still gentle amber.

Sometimes our hearts are desperate things.
That forget how to beat.
Then our bodies are empty husks.
That neglect when to breathe.

As we come to you we seek,
Desperately like a child.
Approval, love and joy.
For like the lamb, we become mild.

Our passion gone.
Our joy lost.
Our reason for being, at large.

The emptiness we held at bay.
Returns when we recharge.

Will you protect us?
Will you enfold us?
As we hide out from the world?

Will you console us?
Will you extol us?
As we seem to come unfurled.

Yes we are artists and we demand,
A lot from this desperate world.
For we are artists and we bring you.
The beauty in this here world.

Take Too Many Pictures

I recently started writing a song called ‘Pictures’ which I may or may not finish in time to put in the upcoming album.

The idea behind the song, like many of my songs, is quite simple. It says to take a picture that will remind you of laughter, of joy and of a time when all was well. As when times are hard we will need something to hold to. Something to remind us that things aren’t forever bleak.

There is something about  the early hours of the day that can either spark creativity or depending on where one is emotionally, nostalgia. And as I write this blog, it is about 3am and I’m trying to fight off this wave of melancholy that has been trying to beat me over these last few months. I’ve had some ups and downs over those months and it finally seems to be getting the upper hand, so I must make a conscious effort to improve my disposition.

People often wonder why I take so many pictures and they always fear my candid pictures. My reasons are purely selfish. I just want to remember. People come in and out of my life all the time. I want to be able to look at a picture that will remind me of that moment. The poses won’t always do it. A picture of someone pulling a face at me in some random pub, will tell me more of that person and my relationship with them at that time than any posed picture.

Anyway, I want to share a very short story with you about why I take too many pictures. And why I care not for your vanity when these pictures are taken. I just want to remember you in that moment. I want to capture and keep that moment and remember it for as long as I live.

Many of you already know about my time living in a homeless hostel. Well, while I lived there, I made friends with two particular people within the place. We’ll call them Jack and Jill.

They helped make my time in the hostel bearable. It was hard for all of us, but often when we would just come together at night and share our time, things didn’t feel so bad. Jack always had a smile on his face, he always laughed, he always sought the lighter side of all that was around us. Eventually I left the hostel and was slowly able to begin moving upwards socially. I found a job, entry level Data Entry, but it was a start for me. And at 20 I just wanted to make money to live and begin pulling my life back together at a time when I never thought it was possible.

Nevertheless, I didn’t keep in touch exceptionally well with Jack and Jill, but I know they eventually got together and had some kids. A boy and a girl. At some point my life path merged with Jill’s for a while. As a result I was able to see Jack much more. In time Jill and I grew apart, but we still spoke every so often.

One night I called Jill just to see how she was, and she told me Jack had died. Killed himself a few days ago. There are no words for the grief felt at that point. I’m not a fan of tears, I don’t shed them often. But I shed them in bucket loads then. I ranted, I raved, I raged at the heavens during those few weeks. I attended the funeral with Jill. We were all in a daze. We lived through it all. And somehow continued to strive.

Years later, as I think back on those times, I cannot for the life of me remember what Jack looked like. I haven’t a single picture of him anywhere. There is no log somewhere saying we shared our lives with each other at one point. Nothing showing the emotional strains shared. No black book detailing that period of our journeys. Nothing.

So now, I take too many pictures. I take candid pictures, I take posed pictures. If you’re in front of my camera, it means I want to remember you, as you are. You have worth to me in that exact moment, no matter what you think you look like. I want you in my memories.

When you smile,

I’ll take a picture.

When you laugh,

I’ll take a picture.

When you frown,

I’ll take a picture,

I make you growl,

And take a picture.

When you squirm,

I’ll take a picture.

Cause you to shout,

and take a picture.

When we’re together,

I’ll take a picture.

Maybe just for now,

I’ll take a picture.

In and out my life, you walk

Long lengths of time and short spurts, we talk.

By my side, in my mind.

Gone from sight not from mind.

Little things to remind, what you meant and mean to me.

To shed that single solitary tear, I take a picture to keep you near.

Never forget, always remember.

So long ago, that distant September.

And if time should never bring us back together,

Your picture will keep us close forever.