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(Cover) Celebration

And again from Italy




(Video) Aint No Stoppin Us Now



Love’s In Need


I know, it’s another cop out from not actually recording a video blog. Still better than nothing! I hope you enjoy. 😉



Rehearsal with band.

While I’m still yet to produce the finished song for the poem ‘I Let Go’ here’s a video of a rehearsal with the band. We’re working on a version of India Arie’s ‘Ready For Love’ We should be finished in Jan sometime.

My Dreams

I was taught a number of things when it comes to dreams. Here are but a few of them:-

1. Have dreams bigger than you

2. Write down your dreams.

3. Guard your dreams. Protect them, be very careful with whom you share them as not all you meet will aid you in bringing them to life.

4. Let some people know about these dreams. those that will encourage you and drive you, push you never to let go of them. they will keep you on course.

With that in mind, last week I sat down and decided to finally write down these dreams of mine. Here are a few of them:

  • Sell my poetry. (Frames, on mugs, in cards etc)
  • Write a few more books.
  • Open a music venue, where known artists can come to perform, as well as promoting local talent.
  • Continue travelling to perform.
  • Nurture local talent, in local schools and other educational establishments and give them to opportunity to perform on stage at the venue. Thus improving on their performance technique and helping to further inspire them to keep with what they’re doing.
  • Motivational speaker
  • All of the above would be under the umbrella of MusicTJ, which I’ve begun to cultivate in the last year or so. One large organisation which will include a number of different facets/departments. Educational (dance, music, writing etc), Events, Performance, Poetry, Speaking etc.
  • Mentor/Consultant
  • And remain open to other opportunities that may come about.

The fortunate or unfortunate thing about having a lot in your ‘box of tricks’ is that it’s hard to pin down a single thing you want to do. I’ve therefore decided not to stick to a single one. The REALLY hard thing now, is deciding what to start with. One thing I know with absolute certainty right now is that I do not wish to remain in the UK. I’ve been here most of my life and it’s time to move elsewhere. What I now need to do, is put together a model that I can pick up and take with me wherever I go.

There are still a number of things I haven’t put on here. I haven’t mentioned anything about my music as yet. And you know I love my music. I’ve a lot in mind for that. My mind has always been exceptionally full of things, and for such a long time I never actually believed I could do any of it. In the last seven years especially, I come across people who seem to believe I could do absolutely anything I ever set my mind to. It’s absolutely amazing how liberating that is!

I could afford it, I would have bought the MusicTJ.com domain name by now, just to make sure it’s mine at least. I still need to get the MusicTJ logo designed. So much to do, so little time.

Do not tread on my dreams. If you do so, I promise you, I will tread on you.



Video Blog (Ish)

As you all know, i recently spent some time working in Italy. On my return, my first gig was with a 15 piece band. So much fun was had. My first video blog is cheating slightly. But hey, I still don’t know what to say on a video blog. So while I’m deciding, here’s video 1 of three performance videos. The next will be uploaded in about a week or so. 🙂

Back In Italy

I’m back in Italy for a short while, working with the band Six In The City. Some amazing musicians to say the least. We’re the house band at the insanely expensive Forte Village Resort in Sardegna. I was fortunate enough that this was my first proper professional singing gig in 2011. This doesn’t count all the stuff I did with the University. I somehow view those a tad differently.

Performing at the ForteVillage resort is a huge deal for me, as the quality is immensely high and it was quite intimidating indeed. Having spent four months working here in 2011, it is almost impossible to explain how valuable the experience was to my musical career. And the confidence it builds is quite something. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve been put in roles where I’ve had to stand way outside of my comfort zone and still had to perform with confidence. There’s nothing quite like being forced to do your best. Those sink or swim situations can often make or break us.

I’ve not been on stage with a band in quite some time and I truly couldn’t wait to hop on stage again. There is always a lot of pressure to be more than good, and to do so every night. This does make me rather nervous, but despite that I couldn’t wait to hit the stage.

The one big thing about performing here is that it pushes me to improve all the time. And when I’m done here, if I’ve done well, I will feel like there is nothing I cannot accomplish. By the time I write my next blog, I will have been on stage every night for a week. I wonder if I will still have the same excitement.

(Written after the show) Ok, so the above was written before I’d gone on stage, in anticipation of tonight. The plan was simply to click “publish” once I got in. Well, I got off stage about an hour and a half ago and in reading the above, I do feel it was a tad optimistic. I’m currently rather disappointed with myself. I finished off tonight’s show, by singing ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and I was not at all happy with how I performed. I asked the others in the band and I was told twice “You are crazy” for thinking I did badly. The bit of feedback I got for the whole night was that I just need more confidence, which comes with simply more time on this stage. Apparently I hardly put a foot wrong all night. Go figure! I still remember my very first time on stage with this band two years ago. The was an almost tangible fear emanating from me! I have been told that my voice is much better than it was then. Apparently then I had a good voice, while now it’s better. I do love that in my two years away, I’ve been able to bring something new to the group.

It’s now the afternoon of the day after and my head is a tad clearer, I think! I’m still disappointed with myself but, I quite glad to be working with people who continue to push me to do better. And I love that I’m working around people who believe I’m better than I think I am. It means they force me to be even more ambitious about my voice than I already am. I still remember many years ago when I hadn’t been singing long, being told many a time to stick to what I was good at. Stick to dancing I was told. If I had done that, I do wonder what I would be doing now that I am no longer able to dance and teach as I used to.

My aim from here on end is to keep moving in circles of people that push me to reach my potential and encourage me to do whatever it is I find I want to do. Right now I feel if I told a few of my friends that I wanted to become an astronaut, they would say, “You’re TJ, of course you can do it!” And you haven’t a clue just how liberating that is. Some of them would even start working with me to find a means of making it happen! So, no matter how stressed I currently am and no matter how much pressure I find I’m under, I know that I am incredibly blessed to have these people around me. Thanks to you all, I have done things in the last 7 years I never would have thought possible. And thanks to you, I intend to do much much more yet. I believe someone said the world was my oyster. i plan to take over the world. 😉

I just finished a rehearsal and I was told that I shall be singing ‘We Are The World’ along with 9 other singers on Sunday. You cannot imagine how excited I am about this. I absolutely love that song. If it’s recorded, I’ll see if I can provide a link for you guys.

Until next time, thanks for reading. Ciao tutti!

The Artists

The artists demand.
A lot of this world.
A lot from friends.
A lot from acquaintance.

The artists demand.
You give us attention.
You give us your love.
With no apprehension.

We demand you your eyes.
We demand you your fears.
We demand you your mind.
We demand you your tears.
We demand nothing less,
Than all you have to give.
For in return, we’ll give you the world.

We’ll remind you of joy. In the midst of your tears.
We’ll inspire you to fight. In spite of your fears.
We’ll write words, to set afire your mind.
We’ll paint pictures, to beguile your eyes.
We’ll sing melodies that cause you to dance.
The dance of your life, so your worth you’ll enhance.

We’ll bring down the stars and help you to name them.
We’ll show you your birthrights, remind you to claim them.
We’ll show you your future, yet to be seen.
We’ll prod you and poke you, so your worth you may glean.

I ask you this, I must insist.
Are we not worth what we demand?
Tell me this and tell me true.
Are we not worth all this to you?

When we cry at un-met perfection.
And seek you out craving affection.
When we stand before you, heart torn asunder.
We ask that you bring us back from under.

We who paint skies for you.
Sometimes need to remember.
That darkness is not the only hue.
Sometimes there’s still gentle amber.

Sometimes our hearts are desperate things.
That forget how to beat.
Then our bodies are empty husks.
That neglect when to breathe.

As we come to you we seek,
Desperately like a child.
Approval, love and joy.
For like the lamb, we become mild.

Our passion gone.
Our joy lost.
Our reason for being, at large.

The emptiness we held at bay.
Returns when we recharge.

Will you protect us?
Will you enfold us?
As we hide out from the world?

Will you console us?
Will you extol us?
As we seem to come unfurled.

Yes we are artists and we demand,
A lot from this desperate world.
For we are artists and we bring you.
The beauty in this here world.