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Happy New Year – 2018

The New Year – 2018

The new year beckons.

Its promise calls to you.

Your name, on the wind

It whispers to you.
It’s time, it says.

It’s time for strength.

It’s time, it says.

It’s time for hope.
Fear is running riot.

Fear has taken root.

Fear, would have you believe

your hope, it can dilute.
This new year tells you,

As it gently whispers.

There is love yet to be found,

If you would just tend those embers.
As hate courses, through the veins of many.

Driving wedges, through lives aplenty.
This new year would remind,

Be not beguiled.

Be not afraid.

Even if you think you feel the blade
Love for all you are worth.

And in love, you’ll find your rebirth.

Show love, give love, at every juncture.

Even when you feel, your heart you’ll rupture.
With every word, and every action.

Soon you’ll find it gains some traction.

And despite all external factors.

And all the thoughts from your detractors.
In time you’ll find that fear will pass.

And soon you’ll see hope will amass.
And every chance that you get.

See that you do not forget.

The joy of love, and bliss of laughter.

And hope will be found from here on after.
Hearts remember things that our minds quickly forget.

They then push us to hope, and to risk against all reason.
This year my message to you and to me:

Engage your heart. Sometimes, just sometimes, the heart is all we need.

From my heart to yours


Have a wonderful 2018

Happy New Year – 2017

This Year

Another year gone.

Another day is done.

Another revolution around the sun.

New dreams born.

Resolutions torn.

Fears, hates, desperately spurned.

Did you cry last year?

Did you laugh last year?

Did you cling to simple hope last year?

Did you hurt last year?

Did you tickle a rib last year?

Did you lift your face to the sky last year?

Then, maybe you have lived this last year.

In what is to come.

There is much to fear.

But then, there is reason for hope,

in this new year.

Lift your face to the sun this year.

Lift your voice in song this year.

Don’t forget the strength of your heart this year.

There is hope to be found this year.

If you but know where to look this year.

As long as you live this year.

There is hope.

Look deep within, that which is you.

Find your bliss, and then go pursue.

The thing that makes you jump for joy.

The things that cause you, your heart to employ.

The things that challenge,

And sometimes cause you to rip out your hair.

These things are things to reach for this year.

Ignore the things, that are far too big to handle.

Rather, look inward.

There you’ll find things, that life cannot dismantle.

There is hope this year.

If you but have courage this year.

Believe me, you can this year.

If you but have the will this year.

Believe it or not.

It’s in your hands.

Despite all you see,

that might reprimand.

Have faith and believe,

in all that you are.

And you will accomplish much this year.

Welcome to  2017!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! (2016)

It’s that time of year again. And to welcome you into the near year, here is my new offering. My first in many months. Though I started this tradition of mine many years ago. I plan to continue it for many years to come:


The New Year

We talk of new seasons, we talk of new days.

We talk of resolutions, in beautiful new ways.

We build relationships, we tear them down.

We reach through the ages, to dispel a frown.

This year gone, oh what joy, what pain.

So many songs, I still hear the refrain.

But as I look to tomorrow, to see what’s to come.

What’s apt to follow, considering what’s begun.

There is excitement, there is fear.

Trepidation, but a veneer.

A stronghold insistence, on resisting the persistence,

That life is but an existence, to be tolerated and endured.

Forgetting the laughter, the joy.

The love you could deploy.

In this new year, despite aggravation.

My sole recommendation is to live in the joy.

For happiness is a choice.

So, every day, from now till ever.

Make a vow, ties with bitterness to sever.

For that future place, the thing that you dream of.

The path to that place, something to lean on.

The way that you see.

The way that you think.

The way that you hear.

These will pull you from the brink.

Be the light when it’s dark.

That single solitary spark.

Be a voice when silence screams.

Even when all would burst at the seems.

In this new year, in this new day,

be the reason for others to say,

here is one who would not lean on excuse.

To lend a helping hand, he would never refuse.

So, as we talk of new seasons, we talk of new days.

As we talk of resolutions, in beautiful new ways.

Let us build relationships, and seek never to tear them down.

By all means, let us reach through the ages, to dispel that single solitary frown.

As this new year dawns.

As this new day begins.

Reach deep down inside you.

Find that love.

Let it shine!

Happy New Year!



New Year (2015)

At the end of every year I write a new poem to usher in the new year. Last year, for the first time in a number of years, I neglected to do so. I shan’t do the same this year.


2014 has been a year of change for me. In January, I graduated from my Masters degree in Music Performance, with a fairly clear plan for the year. I was going to travel to Italy, as I had done during the summer for a few years. I had planned to spend a few months there, then possibly head to Ankara, Turkey for another few months. Italy fell through, and I had to change my plans. Halfway through the year, I moved to Berlin. I write this on Christmas eve and I’m sitting on my bed (I’ll type it up later)

It’s my first Christmas away from the UK in over two decades. Though I’ve spent the season on my own in years gone by. It feels quite different to be in a new country that I am yet to be able to call home. And as I prepare to celebrate my first Christmas away from home, I gain new respect for the many international students I have known over the years. I don’t know how you did. Though, I’m glad you did, and I am richer for knowing you.


As I sit here, I think on the future. For the last decade, I had followed a plan. I’ve come to the end of that and I have no plan now. And I’m not ashamed to tell you that it’s a scary place for me.


A new year beckons.

A new day begins.

As this new sun rises,

A new season begins with it.

A season of hope.

A season of joy.

A season of fulfilled dreams.

A season of new drive.

A season of new challenges.

Just like any other.

But a season with new determination.

So you need not run for cover.

As we open ours eyes.

To face this new day.

We think new thoughts.

We dream new dreams.

We see new faces.

To guide us on our way.

We step into new phases.

And in joy, our heads we lay.

Purpose must drive you.

And circumstance, not beguile you.

You need to be clear,

on who it is you are.

Be that one,

who believes in dreams.

Be that one,

who knows dreams can come true.

Lean not on excuse.

Don’t let fear stop you.

Negativity, you must refuse.

Else your tears proceed to drown you.

And when dark days come.

As they tend to do.

Reach deep inside,

To the strength in you.

Forget not, who you are.

Neglect not, your distant star.

Rather, stand firm for what you believe.

Reach far and you may yet receive.

Be brave and you’ll achieve.

Be true to you and in yourself believe.

As the new day begins,

see in it, a new hope.

See in it, a new chance.

And don’t be afraid.

Look back, to see where you’ve come from.

Then look forward, see where you’re going.

With a smile on your face, and hope in your heart.

Know that the future is indeed bright!

Happy New Year everyone! Make 2015 amazing! 🙂


Happy New Year! (Vow)

For the past few years, at the start of each new year, I write a poem. I was uncertain whether to continue said tradition, or to move to a video blog instead. So I made a little query on Facebook, asking people what they thought. It was leaning towards a video blog, when both my younger sisters said I should stick to tradition. The decision was made.

Now, I am a creative being, always will be. Creative beings have to be open, sensitive to environment, to emotions (their own as well as others) and we are often somewhat eccentric in our ways. As something has to give to allow for creativity. I firmly believe that creative people are simply conduits, we receive and must then pass on a message. Don’t ask me where it comes from. There are those better versed on the workings of the ether than I am. I’m sure they will posit some theories on such. As for me, I reached inside to see what I would find. Here’s my offering for 2013…


Write not resolutions,

for those are but tokens.

Make not new promises,

those are made to be broken.

The world is full of broken promises.

Friends, lovers, politicians galore.

Don’t make another. Don’t join this horde.

Rather, make a vow to yourself,

not one that changes in a year.

But be true to yourself,

every month and every year.

Reach right to the place you reside,

see where your heart is and decide.

To fight, to survive and above all else to thrive.

To take hold of your dreams and not let go.

Though it would sometimes seem you’d come apart in the wind.

The buffeting wind that would try your resilience.

Even as you reach and strive for existence.

It is important to remember,

in this dark and desperate hour.

Your future is always in your hands.

Despite the evidence close at hand.

Understand what’s in your glands.

Don’t buckle to your fear, don’t sink in the sand.

So fix your eye on your distant star.

And never forget exactly who you are.

You are a wonder, strong and true.

If you would just believe in you.

Don’t you dare stop.

Don’t you dare fall.

Especially when up against the wall.

You make that vow.

You make it now.

And in years to come,

you’ll be just fine.



This is the poem I wrote to see in 2011. I believe this is when I started writing a poem for each new year. At the request of a friend, I wrote a song from this. This is when I started using my poetry to write songs.




As always, to make it to tomorrow,

We must pass through today.

Today has taught us many lessons.


Today we broke hearts

Today we broke minds

Today we fuelled desires

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today our own hearts were broken

Today our own minds were broken

Today our own desires were fuelled by sweet promises.

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we loved

Today people died

Today we cried

Today we remembered

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we tore down barriers

Today we believed anew in hope

Today we lost that hope

Today we erected new barriers

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we learned to believe again

Today we stood and declared, our hearts are free again

Today we clenched our fists

Today we regained strength again

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we opened our eyes at sunrise

Today we let out a breath and were thankful

Today we looked up at the day full of promise

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we lay down old hurts

Today we remember the days long passed

Today we look back

Today we look forward.

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


With glistening eyes, lump in throat.

We move slowly forward.

Uncertainty clouds all and yet,

Hope for tomorrow. As we know,

Today is our passage into tomorrow


So, today we’ll close our eyes at sunset.

Today we’ll await that new tomorrow.

Today we’ll smile as we slumber

Because we know,

Today was our passage into tomorrow.