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Post Graduate Study and Money

So I got up this morning, and the first thing I did was check my bank account as today I got paid. To my horror I received less than half of what I was paid. Income Tax, National Insurance and Student Loan deductions have all made sure that my financial status is negligible to say the least. I have my tuition fees to pay, alongside rent and of course trying to ensure I eat well (my mother is always asking if I am)
I remember very well being an undergraduate student and my financial worries then. Though I didn’t have to worry about fees. Nor about rent, as my student loan paid for that. All I had to worry about was ensuring I could pay for food and travel.
Apparently as I work for the university I study at, I’m not eligible for a Career Development Loan. I sought out Trusts etc but none could help me. In the end I’ve had to get two jobs, which so far still aren’t enough! With all the Income Tax, student loan and National Insurance deductions, it becomes harder to extol the virtues of PG study. The studying is never the problem, as I’m studying something I’m exceptionally passionate about. This, to me is the only positive right now. I love my subject and always will do. This is the only reason why I’ve not decided to pack it in and go seek out a full time job.
I have much experience in the world of work and a lot transferable skills, I’ve worked abroad as well as here in the UK. I’m international. So why am I still here?
I love pushing myself and striving to be the best I can. But, if working isn’t going to help me in the UK, I will leave here as soon as I’m done with my masters. I’ll find some place where hard work and perseverance will actually help you move forward instead help you continue marking time.
I do very much love the UK. But, if need be, I will leave here. I’ve always enjoyed travelling. I wonder which country to start with. The world is my oyster afterall. 😉