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Politics/Social Responsibilties

So the Kingston University Students’ Union elections period is beginning, and I was asked by the CEO of KUSU, to give a brief statement on what I got out of my time as President of the Students’ Union. I think he wanted something off the top of my head, first thoughts etc.

I wanted to think on it for a little bit. And after some time, I came up with this:-

Beyond simply the skills I gained, chairing meetings, interviewing and selection for high power positions or even improving on my ability to communicate with individuals at different levels. It gave me a better understanding of the world around me. I have a much better understanding of my social responsibilities. I read the newspapers more and I care more. And for that alone, I think it was a worthwhile use of my time.

And some will read that and say it’s no big deal. They will argue that I should have cared about my social responsibility beforehand. And I won’t disagree with them. But, I had very little care for anything beyond ensuring that I could finish my degree and get back into the wide-world of work.

While president of KUSU I tried to stay abreast of what was going on, especially with regards to the wider effects of Higher Education issues. I was never keen on politics beforehand and I shared the views of many, that “they’re all the same so there’s no point voting for any of them”  I have since found that I have a certain appreciation for politics, though none of the main parties currently mirror any of my views. And I firmly believe that all should try to make a difference wherever they are. I got to get a better view of the big picture of things, and then all of a sudden I began to realise why each and every individual actually matters. Because of this, leaving KUSU at the end of my time of office was harder than anticipated. I came to realise that I care very much about the student body at Kingston University and I care a great deal about how the prevailing social and political issues will affect the students at Kingston.

Running for an Executive position at the Students’ Union is not for the faint of heart. It is for those of you who recognise the skills you can gain, but more importantly, for those of you that care a great deal about your fellow students. It is that very same care that will ensure that when things get challenging, you continue to push forward. When you run for an elected position, you tell people that you want to represent them. You tell them that you’re trustworthy and you tell them that you’re dependable. Ensure that you are such, before deciding to run for any position within the Students’ Union Exec.