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(Cover) Relight My Fire


Earth, Wind & Fire Medley (Cover)

(Cover) Disco Inferno


(Cover) Celebration

And again from Italy




(Video) Soul Man

Video from Italy:


(Video) Aint No Stoppin Us Now



(Video) Long Train Running

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My First My Last (Video)

Another video from Italy:


I crave insanity
Insanity born of purpose
I crave insanity
Insanity that promotes drive.

That insanity that ignites passions
And makes you relentless
That insanity that drives creativity
So you can never stop.

That insanity that is unreasonable
And won’t accept what is.
That insanity that is wonderful
And only sees the beauty in all.

That insanity that will look beyond
Beyond the veneer
And see the truth
See the beauty beneath.

Inject me with this insanity.
For the world is becoming far too sane.
We can no longer see things that really matter.
We live in the sanity of the material.
The sanity of what we can touch.

I’d rather have the insanity
of what I cannot see.
I cannot see the love,
that gently encapsulates my mind

I cannot see the inspiration
that causes me to write.
And yet I trust in both
Both push me to fight.

Our hearts no longer beat for each other.
Our hearts no longer beat for truth.
Our hearts just beat for ourselves.
We leave the rest to rust.

Please give me this insanity
That insane thirst for knowledge
I want the insanity of love
That stupid fleeting thing.

I want my insanity
That childhood glee
No thought of what should
And what should not be

Give me insanity
It is my fondest plea
Wrapped in a world
Ripe with possibility

The thing that causes
our hearts to flutter
Is insane it’s true.
But it draws me out of the gutter

So yes, give me insanity.
I need not your reasoning.
Give me insanity.
For it is the reason I’m still breathing.

The Continuing Adventure

I figured I’d write one last blog before I leave Italy. Especially since I’ve been wondrously laps in my blog writing!

I leave here today, and have been here for 40 days. A much shorter sojourn than my last visit which lasted 4 months. What have I learnt? What have I achieved in my time here?

Well, I’m a much more confident performer. I will still have butterflies before I get on stage, but that’s “just another part of me”

I’m more confident in my singing ability and I’m also a tad more comfortable with my singing voice. Kind of essential as a singer! Somewhere along the line I got comfortable with hearing my voice through an insanely loud sound system. You grow quickly when you’re on a 40ft large screen every night! The insistence on excellence gels with my drive for perfection.

Before I got here, I was given a list of songs to learn, I learned them and them on arrival was told I needed to learn a whole new set of songs and almost forget the ones I had already learned. Imagine my consternation, all my hard work was for naught! But tis the way of things, I learnt, I performed, I made mistakes, I moved on.

There are a number of things I don’t like about this place, but the challenges that I met and overcame here will serve me well in the future. The kind of pressure we’ve had to work under here makes the pressure of performing for my Masters recital seem minute. And that alone is worth it.

I brought with me all the materials needed to write my dissertation. I had written the first chapter before arriving and much of the research had already been done before I got here. Now I’ve almost finished, with just a convincing conclusion left to write. No mean feat, but in comparison to writing the whole dissertation, very doable.

There are number of things I will miss about this place. The peace being chief among them. Being able to sit on the balcony in the sunshine unencumbered by any worries beyond just writing and of course getting on stage later at night. I will miss the silence of the night. Twilight journeys to the beach. I shall miss staring into the peaceful night sky at and feeling like I could reach up and touch the starlit sky. I will miss my nightly mirto drink before each gig. I will miss the wonderful pizza and a number of other things!

But I’m looking forward to going home. I miss being able to understand what people are saying. I miss walking through Kingston and just enjoying the walk. I miss walking through the university. I miss creating music, I miss my keyboard. I miss my apartment, my couch. My home.

I cannot wait to see what comes next in this adventure that is my life. I’ve had the opportunity to think. I don’t get a great deal of time to do that when I’m home. I’m very hopeful for the future.

Yeah, I can’t wait to get back to Kingston. We have unfinished business.