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Books and Our World

I recently finished reading a book by Terry Pratchett. ‘I Shall Wear Midnight’ a part of Pratchett’s Discworld series.

I love the Discworld series. I haven’t found anything quite like them. They speak of the world we live in. They discuss social and political problems and provide us with a safe space to cogitate on some of the issues that we now face in today’s society. They speak of honour, cowardice, bravery and speaking out for others when noone will. They speak of ordinary people living in a changing world and trying to do the right thing. They speak of normal people evolving with this changing and how they adapt to survive.

In this world that we live in, this world full of blood and destruction. Fears and recriminations, we often wonder where an escape is to be found. Then I slip into a Terry Pratchett book and I see a mirror of my world, but with happy endings aplenty and I can’t help but feel there is hope for our world yet.

Though, unlike in the stories, it’ll take a little more than casting the right spell, or going on a quest. But it will take a mindset change in many of us. Making a choice for valour, when cowardice is easier. Deciding to speak up for one with no voice when it makes more sense to stay silent.

Today, as I read through my latest Pratchett instalment, I was asked by a friend, why I read these books. She simply couldn’t understand why a seemingly intelligent not-so-young man like myself could enjoy these books. Call it escapism if you will, I will accept that. But I’ve taken it upon myself to stick to a cheerful disposition, even when what surrounds holds no cheer. This helps those in my little sphere of influence. If reading these books helps me continue to believe in hope and to smile and laugh when I have no reason to. I shall continue to do so.