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The Ram Boutique: Highlighted Author – TJ Esubiyi

I’m featured in the River Ram blog. 😉

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Take That First Step

By TJ Esubiyi

Do you want the moon?

Then you must take to the sky.
Do you dare try?

Do you dare dream?

Take that first step and your future you’ll glean.
Be it fame.

Be it fortune.

Or life’s simple joys.

Take that first step and your worth you’ll deploy.
I promise you not happily ever after.

I cannot foretell what tomorrow will hold.

But I promise you this, one simple truth.

Nothing is possible until you take that first step.
That step into life.

That step into love.

That step into adventures far and near.
That step to the future.

That step to the unknown.

That step that takes you out of your current sphere.
Do you yearn to reach the furthermost star?

Do you burn to learn the best that you are?

Is there a version of existence you wish was yours?


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