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New Beginnings

For a writer, I really do seem to suck at this blogging thing. In my defence, I’ve been trying to figure to figure out the next chapter in my little life. Just over month ago I left my job at Kingston University. My almost a decade at KU and end and pretty soon i was on a one way flight to my new locale.


I always said that I studied for a reason, and that reason wasn’t to sit behind a desk. There’s nothing wrong with it, I worked behind a desk for almost ten years before returning to study, and it confirmed that’s it’s not what I’m looking for out of my career.I wasn’t seeking the 9 to 5 life. Despite thoroughly enjoying my time at Kingston International, it was never my final destination.


The last few weeks before I left were more than a little crazy, and my final days prior to leaving were even more so. One or two things showed up, that if not for the fact that a flight had been booked, a flat found and all necessarty preparations had already been made, I might have called it all off and stayed in dear old Kingston.


I’ve heard it said that sometimes to find yourseelf, you need to lose yourself. I couldn’t possibly count how many times I’ve lost or found myself. I seem to be on a perpetual journey of self discovery. My time time here in Berlin has been no different in that regard. While I’m here in dear Berlin, I shall see what life wishes to teach me.


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