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Gender, the Law and International Human rights

Leviticus 18:22 (King James Version)

“Man shall not lie with as, as with a Woman, It is an abomination”

The above quote is probably the most commonly used phrase in Western society, to condemn Homosexual acts in terms of religion. Undoubtedly it is a powerful phrase. 

Perhaps surprisingly to some Leviticus 20-10 goes on the demand that in the case of adultery, the adulterer and adulteress should be put to death. It seems interesting that this is forgotten when using the above passage to condemn homosexuality, certainly the human race would be on the brink of extinction if this were put into practice, in fact Western civilisation would never have had the chance to flourish given that everyone from Peasants to Popes have openly been committing adultery since time immemorial.

It is also said within Leviticus that a Man who lies with a woman during while she is Menstruating ought…

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