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Happy New Year! (Vow)

For the past few years, at the start of each new year, I write a poem. I was uncertain whether to continue said tradition, or to move to a video blog instead. So I made a little query on Facebook, asking people what they thought. It was leaning towards a video blog, when both my younger sisters said I should stick to tradition. The decision was made.

Now, I am a creative being, always will be. Creative beings have to be open, sensitive to environment, to emotions (their own as well as others) and we are often somewhat eccentric in our ways. As something has to give to allow for creativity. I firmly believe that creative people are simply conduits, we receive and must then pass on a message. Don’t ask me where it comes from. There are those better versed on the workings of the ether than I am. I’m sure they will posit some theories on such. As for me, I reached inside to see what I would find. Here’s my offering for 2013…


Write not resolutions,

for those are but tokens.

Make not new promises,

those are made to be broken.

The world is full of broken promises.

Friends, lovers, politicians galore.

Don’t make another. Don’t join this horde.

Rather, make a vow to yourself,

not one that changes in a year.

But be true to yourself,

every month and every year.

Reach right to the place you reside,

see where your heart is and decide.

To fight, to survive and above all else to thrive.

To take hold of your dreams and not let go.

Though it would sometimes seem you’d come apart in the wind.

The buffeting wind that would try your resilience.

Even as you reach and strive for existence.

It is important to remember,

in this dark and desperate hour.

Your future is always in your hands.

Despite the evidence close at hand.

Understand what’s in your glands.

Don’t buckle to your fear, don’t sink in the sand.

So fix your eye on your distant star.

And never forget exactly who you are.

You are a wonder, strong and true.

If you would just believe in you.

Don’t you dare stop.

Don’t you dare fall.

Especially when up against the wall.

You make that vow.

You make it now.

And in years to come,

you’ll be just fine.


One response

  1. Thank you for stopping by and Happy new year to you … all the best.

    Best wishes,

    January 1, 2013 at 2:46 pm

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