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Pride in the Process

So my producer read my last blog and when we got together to rehearse he was a tad upset. First he stuck into me for claiming no pride in releasing my first single. Then of course he thanked me for thanking him! That did amuse me.

As a producer who is putting much of himself into my album, he is banking as much on sales as I am. So he wants no negative ‘publicity’ and I see his point. from a strictly marketing point of view it is important that the creators of the ‘product’ in question are exceptionally enthusiastic about it at all times. This can only help the customer base.

But a blog, or should I say my blog, has to be personal. In my view, it has to say things the marketing strategists will not always promote. It has to be personal, it has to tell you what’s going on behind the music. It’s got to show you the mind that works behind the scenes, and it absolutely must show you what motivates me.

It is indeed an achievement that I have released my first single, but it is not yet time to sit and smell the roses, for the roses but seeds yet. There is nothing yet to sit and smell. I am happy that I have reached that particular landmark. Just as I was happy when I released my book many years ago.

I am proud of who I am. I am proud of where I come from. I am proud that I could climb out of the quagmire that was my life. And despite being much older than many of those I currently study with, I am certainly proud of where I am. And in time to come, if people can listen to my music, love it and be inspired by it, I will be pride of all that I achieve.

In the meantime, I can claim pride in the process it takes to get there.

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