Welcome to the world of Music TJ!

My First Single

Over the weekend, I released my very first single. And I must admit, I am nowhere near as excited about it as I probably should be. This particular song ‘Weathervane’ is a song of which I have written in the past. I wrote about the songwriting and what it meant to me to write it. It was produced and co-written by Rogerio of Take The Beat. With artwork by Kjerstin.

I am thankful to Rogerio for all the work he’s put in to this single. I honestly don’t don’t know where this work would be without him. Mr Rogerman, we’ve got a long way to go yet! And to Kjerstan, also much thanks indeed.

It’s due to be on iTunes soon. Though it can be purchased on Amazon Music now.

People keep telling me to be proud after releasing my first single. And in truth I’m trying. But I know that I’ve many more songs left to record and I’m still studying for my masters. I currently work the night shift and have fairly busy days so proper rest is a thing of the past. My social skills are slowly leaving me as I try to shun being social, despite the attentions of friends and acquaintances. I cannot afford to stop and feel any sort of pride in any supposed accomplishment. I’m so far from done it’s unbelievable.

One one thing I do know. The shore is a long way behind me now. And that continues to give me hope. I may have some way to go yet before I can claim pride in anything, I know that I’ve come some distance.

Just some 2am musings!

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