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PG’s in for 2012/13

I’ve been a tad slow in updating my blog. So this blog is about Sept and Oct and what I’ve been up to these last two months.

So the 2012/13 year has begun.

With economic uncertain and unemployment aplenty, many are flocking to HE institutions to gain qualifications and many are seeing the need for a Post Graduate qualification. In a job market with about 73 people vying for the same graduate job it makes perfect sense for students to seek the extra edge via a PG qualification. Alongside this, it is also important to ‘get involved’

This I have tried to do.

I attended two Post Grad Meet and Greet events in Sept. Within both I got to meet up with new PG students and discuss their plans for the future. Many have some grand plans indeed. It’s great to hear some of them. I attended an event for Kingston Entrepreneurs and was encouraged by the opportunities some of our students have taken advantage of.

I particularly love the fact that the university aids students in setting up and running their own businesses as part of the Enterprise Business Awards scheme. And if my year hadn’t already promised to be insanely busy, I would be taking part in the scheme myself. Instead, I shall attend as many sessions as my schedule allows and try to transfer the skills learnt to all that I’m currently doing.

I went to the Kingston Carnival at the start of September and watched the Surbiton parade from the window of my apartment! I never knew we had that many classic cars in Surbiton.

I attended two International Students’ Cafe events and as a result met many new students, one of whom has designed the art for my upcoming single and will be designing the art for my first solo album!

At the end of the month of October, I attended a media summit. Sir Trevor McDonald was the keynote speaker at this, and it was an immense pleasure to hear him speak. I found him to be quite engaging, even if he did name drop a fair bit. Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and George W. Bush to name but a few! On the same day, I attended some seminars on using social media to promote oneself. Afterwards I attended a networking event, where I met a number of different people, including Creative-Bloc .

All that was only September and October. And that does not include the writing of a new song, the acoustic recording of another. I’ll try to make my next blog a tad more creative. Maybe a short video blog of a recording session, or a new poem. I’ll see what the creative juices sprout out of me!

I’m told the world is my oyster. I tend to believe it.

Till next time. 😉

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