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I absolutely love this, from a great writer.

Slice of Simplicity

“How much was it?”

“6-7 I think… It costs the same as my other bag; it’s just a different colour that came out season”

“I f*cking love it! But I was going to set my limit at 5 hundred”

Hundred? Seriously… wait, how much?! I thought to myself as I overheard the conversation of two girls occupying the same elevator I was in. How is it possible for someone to be willing to spend so much… on a bag?

It wasn’t my place to think much else of it. Their money. Their choice. I carried on with my journey.

I handed the overdue recording equipment to Dave, the technical guy at my university.

“I did something silly today, I already got the bus here today to bring the equipment this morning but for some reason forgot why I’d come so went back to my flat.”

Looking back I can see…

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