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I’ve recently been reading blogs about people’s travels, post exam musings or thoughts on economic affairs across the globe. And they often make me think of writing my own thoughts. I enjoy writing it is true. I have trouble with writing reports and essays. I am no academic but, I love to write poetry and musings.

I count it a privilege that I get to study that which I am passionate about. Many moons ago, I was a dancer and therein was my passion. I learnt watching MJ, as did many from my generation. And loved it. The absolute freedom and release I would get when I was on stage dancing. Nevertheless, after a car accident over ten years ago now, my dreams of opening a dance school are long shattered. Though, I’m lucky to still have music.

I am seen by many as a talented musician. This amuses me often, as I doubt I will ever view myself as such. I think I am a talented performer, but only a good vocalist. I am yet to experience the total freedom as a singer as I used to have when I once danced. I’ve worked so much harder on my singing than I ever did on my dancing and I am still not yet as good a singer as I was a dancer.

I am glad though, that I can still write. My gift of creativity, I believe is in expression through writing and dancing, I seem to be able to effectively put emotions into words and help the reader feel what I feel when I write. I was also quite good at putting that across in dance. One day I’ll be able to put that across effectively in song.

Some years back, while still earmarked for the clergy, I wrote a book Matters Of The Heart. Twas a book of poetry, as well as lessons learnt as a young man growing in the faith.

I am now no longer active in the faith, but am considering a second book, I’ve no idea what to write on. Many years ago I envisaged myself as a fiction writer. That time is long gone. What to write about now? Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

My book can be purchased here:


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