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A New Year

I forget what year this poem saw in. But it did amuse me somewhat. It amuses because I can still see a little bit of the person I am now in it. 😉

A New Year.

It’s a new season.

Apparently a new day.

So, tell me.

When did this day begin?

Someone forgot to wake me up for it.

You see I see nothing new about it.

I see another day just like the last.

I see a season just like any other.

Winter spring summer and autumn,

Just like the last.

So tell me…What’s new?

I guess this is where I look inward.

This is where I make a decision.

A decision of continual progress.

Continuous trying.

Continuous fighting to reach my goal.

So, yeah it’s a new season.

It is indeed a new day.

A new chance to prove myself to the naysayers.

A new chance to prove to myself who I am.

A new chance to stand up and be counted.

Not everyone will understand.

Not everyone will join me.

But, that’s ok.

You don’t need to join me for me to happy.

I can do this with me.

So, I guess the question is…

Do I believe in me?

What do you think?

Aw yeah I believe in me.

I’m the only me there is.

If I don’t believe in me I don’t expect you to.

It IS a new season.

It IS a new day.

I am a fighter.

I am strong.

I am me.


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