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Heart Cry

Heart Cry

Have you ever heard a heart cry?
Heard it wail in that soundless voice.
That rending sound, as it rips apart, creates a void so vast, so deep.
Ah, when the heart cries none can keep a dry eye.
When the heart cries we wonder how the sun still shines.

Why do volcanoes not erupt?
Why do they not spew hot ash on all?
Why did the rending heart not cause the earth to open up?
Why did it not swallow cars and homes whole?
Why has the sun not fallen to the ground?
Why is there no raging inferno?

Have you ever heard a heart cry?
Did you hear the thunder?
Did you see the lightning?
Did you stand outside ravaged by angry rain?
Did the blizzard freeze the tears in your eye sockets?
Did you fall to your knees and cry “Why God Why?!”

No, you haven’t heard the heart cry.
You haven’t tried to collect the tears.
You haven’t tried to pick up the pieces.
No, you know not the void left behind.

How could you?
It wasn’t your heart.
It wasn’t you who switched off.
It wasn’t you that turned cold.
It wasn’t you who shut out the world.
And it wasn’t you that forgot to feel.

So no, you couldn’t know the rending of a heart.
You couldn’t see the pain and struggle.
You still have your heart.
You can still shed your tears.

Hold on to that or you lose all.
And then it’s your heart that’ll cry.
It’s your heart that will die.

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