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In life we make choices.

Places we choose to go.

We go on journeys.

Decide how we wish to grow.

As time passes by we learn to change,

roll with the punches.

So, we move on further, plans we re-arrange.

All the while life throws its punches.

Heartaches teach us lessons we’d rather not learn.

And in loss we learn of life, we learn to yearn.

We must learn, eventually to trust.

All this, long before we return to dust.

So I turn to you.

Tell you I love you, in hopes you won’t deny.

That somewhere in my heart you are indeed placed.

Yeah, I turn to you.

Tell you I love you, someday you will reply.

That I too, in your heart am somewhere placed.

But you see this is the point of life.

To live, to share, to long for, to care.

When you tell someone you love them.

You give them a place in your heart.

And if your heart is just big enough you can hold many indeed!

It will then be a joy to see them smile.

It will indeed be rhapsody to see them laugh.

Though, be warned.

When they frown, so will you.

And when they cry, you will also cry.

When they are melancholy you will stretch your arms across the widest seas just to hold them tight.

This is part of what it is to live.

To share joys and pains.

This is part of what it is so say one has lived.

One has indeed experienced life.

And I speak not yet of being enamoured.

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