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Release from myself,

interesting notion.

How do I remove myself,

from this tumultuous ocean?

Sit still for a while.

Smile with me for a while.

Maybe we’ll laugh, sing a new song.

Tell me a story of ages gone.

Hold me, console me, all forlorn.

Can you whisper a word, in my ear?

Can you smile with me, remove my fear?

Can I return to a yesteryear?

When all was plain and not confused.

Trouble and strife try to surround.

Pain and strain try to crowd me.

I wish there was a manual for life.

A six month warranty.

Return to the store if it breaks after a day or two.

But, no, life is not so.

When life removes your smile and those around you,

don’t know how to deal, they try to enfold you.

How do you let them?

How do you let them love you?

How do you let them in?

No instructions, no guides.

No little booklets with troubleshooting guides.

When you’ve pushed everyone away from you,

what do you do?

When you’ve sent them all away from view,

and don’t know what to do.

You just write.

It’s cathartic.

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