Welcome to the world of Music TJ!


Wrote this some years back, when an uncle passed away. He had been an amazing man and his passing inspired this piece.


It’s hard to believe we’ll never see you again.
It’s harder to accept that you’re gone from this world.
We were never really close, but you touched my heart.
And I think of those who were close to you and it breaks my heart.

For they had something in you that some of us never will.
They shared a time with you that the rest of us only hoped for.
But they have a richer memory and a greater capacity to appreciate all you were.
I’m a little envious of them because I only knew a little.
And the little I knew seems to be enough.

Your laughter was a joy.
Your mishief, refreshing.
Your words were inspiring.
And I will never forget you.
To say that I love you is an understatement.
And to say that I’ll miss you really doesn’t cover it.

We find it hard to speak of you in the past tense.
You can’t be gone. It doesn’t make sense!
Roll back the years God!
Change what is.
But the truth we know is this is what He’s ordained.
So we look back and celebrate, the life that you lived.
The hearts that you touched, you’ll dearly be missed.

One thing I’ve always held to amidst all that is life.
Is knowing that you believed in me as I pushed through my life.
We each have a picture of you, that we keep inside.
True to that picture you’ll stay, no matter what time belies.

And as we stand in life trying to contain our emotion,
we’ll smile a smile of joy for you, remembering your joyous notions.
It’s not an easy thing saying goodbye.
But the sweetest goodbye is said with a smile.
We’ll always love you.

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