Welcome to the world of Music TJ!

I Need

I Need.

I need joy.
I need laughter.
I need someone nearby forever after.
I need a smile.
I need your smile.
I need no more reason to swing from the rafters.

I need sanity.
I need truth.
I need to know who you truely are.
I need no pain.
I need no tears.
I need you here to cast away my fears.

I need a shoulder.
I need a heart.
I need a reason to kickstart my stalled heart.
I need a spanner,
to throw in the works.
I need a key,
to unlock my heart.
I need release.
More elbow grease?!
How much more before I find release?

I need a punching bag.
I need some gloves
When I’ve fallen flat, on my back.
I need a reason to stand back up.
When the world’s on my shoulders and I’m under attack,
I need a reason, to keep fighting on.

I need a break.
I need reprieve
I need to find, some sort of relief.
When it’s dark outside, and I cannot see.
I need a reason to dance with glee.

I need security.
I need serenity.
I need peace of mind.
I need a break!
Darn it, I need no more ache.
Simply put, I think I know.
What I really need,
is you.
And that sucks!

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