Welcome to the world of Music TJ!


This is the poem I wrote to see in 2011. I believe this is when I started writing a poem for each new year. At the request of a friend, I wrote a song from this. This is when I started using my poetry to write songs.




As always, to make it to tomorrow,

We must pass through today.

Today has taught us many lessons.


Today we broke hearts

Today we broke minds

Today we fuelled desires

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today our own hearts were broken

Today our own minds were broken

Today our own desires were fuelled by sweet promises.

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we loved

Today people died

Today we cried

Today we remembered

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we tore down barriers

Today we believed anew in hope

Today we lost that hope

Today we erected new barriers

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we learned to believe again

Today we stood and declared, our hearts are free again

Today we clenched our fists

Today we regained strength again

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we opened our eyes at sunrise

Today we let out a breath and were thankful

Today we looked up at the day full of promise

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


Today we lay down old hurts

Today we remember the days long passed

Today we look back

Today we look forward.

Today is our passage into tomorrow.


With glistening eyes, lump in throat.

We move slowly forward.

Uncertainty clouds all and yet,

Hope for tomorrow. As we know,

Today is our passage into tomorrow


So, today we’ll close our eyes at sunset.

Today we’ll await that new tomorrow.

Today we’ll smile as we slumber

Because we know,

Today was our passage into tomorrow.

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