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Why Study?

In truth, this is a fair question. In this day and age, with Higher Education in the state that it currently is, why bother studying at a Higher Education level at all?

In my view, every individual must make this choice for themselves. I cannot answer it for you. I can only tell you why I studied and why I am still studying.

I was expected to attend university. Both my parents went and are highly qualified in their fields. I chose not to go all those years ago when I first had the choice. I was to study Software Engineering, though I had no passion for the subject. As a result, I didn’t go. And at the age of 19 I went off into the big wide world of work. I started at the bottom, like everyone else. I need not tell the complete story in a blog. I’ll probably write it all in my next book.

Some years later, while working at Vodafone as a Team Manager, I approached my senior manager to discuss my options with regards to career progression. And the obvious route forward was to head towards senior management myself. To get there I would need to study, possibly something in HR management and with CIPD accreditation. I considered this for a while and with nothing further to prove to myself, I decided that if I’m to return to HE I might as well study something I’m passionate about, hence my decision to study music. My plan was always to move on to postgraduate study afterwards.

This is a subject I absolutely love. At the time of my original university applications I wasn’t as yet certain as to what I wanted to do, so it would have been rather silly to decide on my career right there and then. My time away from education put me in great stead to decide on what I wanted to do. I’ve had to deal with a number of challenges it’s true. But at no point during my degree has quitting ever been an option for me. And I think that’s made a huge difference. If you’re studying something you really want, not just because it will help you get a job or whatever other reason people go to uni, you never even think about quitting as an option. You’ll go through your degree, meeting all the challenges that come along. And no matter how insurmountable the odds, you will still face them all head on.

And finally, why study? There are indeed many jobs out there that do not require degrees, but if you find a subject you absolutely love and want to know more about. Do study it, because in this day and age, when it becomes increasingly necessary to be an international citizen, your degree becomes your currency. Believe it or not, it will create options for you. Nowadays you have the option of working outside the UK, even outside of Europe. And sometimes, just creating options is key.

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