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Write Me A Song

The question is always asked of songwriters, what inspires you to write? In truth, it’s sometimes a hard question to answer as there are so many things that can inspire. But I feel that some songs must be written from truth.

On Wednesday night we played an Acoustic Night at The Grey Horse in Kingston. When I say “we” I mean myself and Rogerio, the guitarist from my band “Number 39” It was great fun as being on stage always is. And it was the first time I played original material at an acoustic night. I was being filmed for a University video, so it made sense to use original material.

Nevertheless, people seemed to enjoy themselves and told me thus. As has been normal, the favourite song of the set was ‘Weathervane’ a song whose melody and lyrics were written by myself. But whose theme was certainly not my own.

Rogerio had asked me to write a song on his behalf, for his wife, to celebrate the birth of his son.

Now, when I write something true, I have to connect to it. I must imbue it with emotional content. This is why I don’t write love songs, it’s not something I’m very familiar with. Melancholic songs are easy. My poetry has always been more poignant when written with a melancholic tone. So writing on a friend’s behalf for his wife was always going to be difficult.

I asked him to tell me exactly how he felt about his wife after so many years together. He protested, as is he doesn’t speak this way. So with some coercion, he gave me his words. They were raw, but I saw his meaning clear. I then simply had to internalise and then find the right words and melody for the song.

I do love the song very much myself. I feel I have never written anything truer. One day I shall write one and the emotions will be my own.

I was recently in the studio to record this song and when it is ready you shall hear it.

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