Welcome to the world of Music TJ!


So, a friend of mine is working on her magazine and I am working on a short piece to hopefully add to it. She asked for something akin to my thought of the day. The theme being the perception of beauty, I began thinking.

I then heard a song, on ‘Scrubs’ no less. It seemed to speak exactly what I was feeling at the time.


And yes, it is quite melancholy indeed. But we as humans love to revel in the morose almost more so than we do the joyous. So at the point in time of listening to this I was uncertain of what to speak of beauty. And then I saw the news. And it wasn’t exactly akin to the town criers of old who would cry “Ten o’clock and all is well!” It seemed that all is decidedly not well. These things can move you, especially if you’re already somewhat emotional. But it drove a point home for me. I’m living my real life right now. If I cannot change my mindset to see the beauty, I may never get the chance. It’s cliche and it’s been said before but it doesn’t stop it from being true.



There is beauty in sunshine

There is beauty in rain

There is beauty in the thick fog at the start of a new day.


There is beauty in the clouds in the skies

There is beauty in the birds as they fly

There is beauty, even in the dreaded twisting wind.


There is beauty in Mother Nature’s eyes

There is beauty in Father Time’s mind.

There is beauty in the ageless abyss that surrounds our blessed sphere.


There is beauty in the pen that writes.

There is beauty in the tongue that chides.

There is beauty in the voice of the beleaguered soul.


There is beauty in you

There is beauty in me

There is beauty in whatever causes us to be.

So be not afeared of what is to come.

Be not ascared of what has begun.

Believe in that which is you.

Descend into the beauty of you.

And stop waiting for your life to begin.

Live your life now.

Live it proud.

For it’s the biggest gift you have to give.


My point? Don’t wait for your life to begin. It has begun, live it. Be you young, be you old. Be you banker, writer, doctor or insurance broker. There is beauty everywhere, if you would but see and acknowledge it.

Till my next blog, it’s been a pleasure. 😉

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