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KU PG Sets Sail

Earlier last week KU staff hosted a boat party for postgraduate students. The 13th of Dec was the date and having been present at the first such event I was not at all surprised to see so many students show up for the second.

Having finished my term as President of KUSU, I have been more than happy to jump on board to work on postgrad events.
Just like the first trip, tickets for this sold out quite quickly. Students began arriving at about 1930hrs on a cold Tuesday night and stood excitedly waiting for the boat to arrive. Once it had arrived and all had gone aboard, the party began. The ‘house’ DJ plying us with tunes we could all shake a leg to, and soon the dancefloor was full. And with a larger boat than last time, there was more room to dance, so the dancefloor stayed full for the rest of the night.

I don’t believe any of us were aware of when the boat made its turnaround at Hampton Court Palace. A few people disembarked on the return to Kingston at about 10pm. But most stayed on till almost midnight when we finally returned to Kingston.

All that I have spoken to about both boat parties had a grand time. Students and staff alike enjoyed themselves immensely.

We will be planning many more events in the future. The new year promises to be fun filled indeed. And I honestly cannot wait for it!

As a postgraduate student, if you have any thoughts as to what you would like us to host on your behalf, please let me know by emailing TJ Esubiyi at KU43118@Kingston.ac.uk

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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