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Don’t Heckle The Musicians

So I returned to the Kingston stage properly last night, at The Grey Horse in Kingston.

I’d been away from the stage in Kingston for a few months before singing at an open mic night a few weeks ago. So there was little pressure to perform then.

Last night was a KU Music students’ showcase, so quite different from the ‘all comers’ approach of the open mic night. One of my favourite tutors from uni was playing and the head of the Masters programme at KU was also in attendance. So despite spending my summer playing in front of some fairly important people from around the globe, the perceived pressure of playing in front of local well respected musicians was fairly high.

The night began with some beautiful Jazz. A talented young Jazz singer, Mariska wooed us with her vocals. A variety of pieces, many of which I couldn’t possibly name if I tried. Meredith was as amazing as ever on keys.

The next group played some instrumental pieces which included an instrumental version of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Crosstown Traffic’ and they blew us out of the water! It was the direct antonym of the smooth Jazz that had gone before. It is safe to say the standard was high. Then Louisa Evangelou hit the stage and it was an effort to pick my mouth off of the floor. She was amazing. I always enjoy listening to her sing. Her vocal dexterity is impressive indeed.

Not long after, I was called up. I was nervous as usual, but that’s a good thing. I generally like to be before I go onstage. My nerves are the needed adrenaline. I had spent most of last week nursing a cold, so was a little unsure of my vocals at first. We started off with ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers. It seemed to be well received, so we then performed ‘Stand By Me’ with Mariska as backing vocalist. We did some ad-libbing a fair bit at the end to give it our own flavour. I had fun, seems the audience did too. Go figure! Next was a touch of James Brown’s ‘I Feel Good’ and I’ll be the first to say it wasn’t my best, but hey we gave it a shot. We finished off the night with ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations.

All in all a good night of music hosted by our amazing lecturer Meredith White.

Now to make sure I rehearse for the next one!

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