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Fair For All?

Fair for all?

I was never an activist. I was never the one to stand at picket lines. I was never one to shout at the establishment. I always believed that a person made their own luck, if you worked hard enough, you fought and got the stumbling blocks out of your way. I was never a believer in pointing the finger.

I was never an activist. Though, I do believe in justice, fairness and responsibility. Where is the justice? Where is the fairness and who is taking responsibility for the situation we now find ourselves in? It was never students’ fault. Yet students must pay? Where is the justice? Where is the fairness? Where is the responsibility? T

he new government proclaims fairness as their watchword. Is it fair to take away the livelihood of thousands of teachers? Is it fair that in a day an age when we know that Higher Education is the route to upward social mobility they remove the provision for Higher Education?

A system is being created wherein people will come to believe that no matter how hard you work, there is no hope. In this day and age where there is despondency aplenty, is this the message we want shared amongst our friends and loved ones?

I was never an activist. But I was always passionate about my work, passionate about my degree, passionate about my beliefs.

Many years ago, I was homeless, lived in a homeless hostel. While many of those around me blamed the establishment for their lot, I decided against it. I went from menial job to menial job and slowly clawed myself back to respectability. After having proven myself in the world of work, I decided to return to education full time. Greatly appreciating the opportunities afforded to me. I’ve worked hard, gained my degree and decided to hang around to help others, only to find that the system that promised to aid people will no longer aid them. Tell me, is this fair?

People with life journeys akin to mine will no longer have the facilities to study their passions. And if you’re not a scientist or a mathematician, then there’s no room for you. Is this fair?

No, I was never an activist.

But I believe in justice, I see in injustice.

I believe in fairness, I see only unfairness.

I believe in responsibility, I see only irresponsibility.

This is how an activist is born

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  1. Andrew

    *Claps hands*

    February 11, 2011 at 5:01 pm

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