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They Don’t Really Care About US

They Don’t Really Care About Us

 As many of you are probably aware, the previous Government commissioned Lord Browne (Former CEO of BP) to look into alternative funding methods for Higher Education. He is due to report back next month, the possible date being 12 October. And we can almost guarantee that Tuition fees will rise to possibly as much as £10k per year. This is so to offset the Government’s cuts against Higher Education, which are forecast to be about 35% of the current provision.

So what will that mean for Kingston University students?

Kingston University prides itself on being able to attract students from all walks of life, with a strong commitment to widening access to Higher Education.  As a result we attract many students from lower income families, more mature students and many students who are the first to attend University from their family. You may be from one of those groups, and had these cuts been in place 2 years ago, you may not be at University now.

These cuts are likely to mean one thing and one thing only – you paying more to receive, if you are lucky, the same standards of service you do now. The cuts will mean higher fees and possible job cuts in the University – nationally the main teaching Unions are predicting 20, 000 job cuts in Higher and Further Education – this means you may end up paying more for less and end up in greater debt as a result.

The opportunities you had will be lost to those coming after you. Personally  I think this signals the intent of the current government; It looks to me like they wish to make education the domain of the rich and all else, as I have stated in a former article, can rot.

 What can you do about it?

Some of you are already aware of the NUS & UCU organised National demonstration against Higher Education cuts in November.

We are hoping that you, as KU students and staff, will come together to join the demonstration which will show our solidarity in defending the rights of students today and further generations; as well as opposing any cuts to the staffing of Higher Education. The demonstration will be held on Wednesday 10 November and will be in Central London – more details can be found at www.demo2010.org.uk

We will be holding a student/staff discussion on the day after the Spending Review is announced on Wednesday 21 October in JG2011 to discuss the implications of the review and discuss the way forward for Kingston University students.

We aim to get as many students and staff as possible marching to Central London in November. For any further information, please feel free to email me at President@kingston.ac.uk

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