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Reply from Labour PPC

Hey all, below is the reply I rec’d from Labour PPC. I’m eager to organise a debate on campus between both candidates and would definitely love to hear view points from you guys. Thoughts please!

Dear TJ,

Thank you for writing to me about tuition fees and higher education funding in general. I have been very happy to sign the pledge and commit to voting against any increases in fees.

I believe that the way we will see the country through the current economic climate is through investment and growth – education and training are key to this; we must continue to invest in higher and further education. Of course, that money must be well spent, and universities, like other publicly-funded bodies, must make sure that they are efficient in their budgets and continue to invest in widening participation. Having been born and bred in the area, I am proud that Kingston University actively works to widen participation but continued funding and investment is vital.

I do not want to see any measures that would put further barriers or constraints on people who want to go to university, especially people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who fear the financial consequences of what can be such a liberating opportunity.

I agree with the NUS, the University and College Union and Universities UK that the £900 million in cuts that have been announced so far will have a great impact on the system. We currently have a world leading higher education system but constant and massive cuts means it may not stay that way. Courses, departments, provision and jobs are on the line across the country and if elected I would do everything possible to defend these.

I also have great concerns about further education – which shouldn’t be forgotten. FE is being hit hard by cuts too and for many young people is the route into work or into higher education.

I hope this is helpful, and please feel free to get back in touch if you have any further questions or for anything else.

Best wishes,

Max Freedman
Labour PPC for Kingston & Surbiton

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