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Hi all,

below is an email I sent to Ed davey, our local MP. Once I find out who the Party Parkiamentary Candidates are for the other major political parties, I shall be emailing them also:-

Dear Ed Davey MP,

Thank you for signing the NUS pledge to vote against an increase in tuition fees.

The coming General Election promises to be rather interesting to say the least, with no particular party seeming to hold the majority. The students at Kingston University are more than a little concerned about the recently announced funding cuts and we are extremely keen to hear your views on this and what how you feel, as a Liberal Democratic, our current economic situation could have been better handled, especially with the argument that the funds are unavailable and all must tighten our belts, yet many millions were spent bailing out banks.

Our students look forward to hearing from you.

Your Sincerely

TJ Esubiyi

Below was his response, I’m eager to hear your viewpoint. So please email me any questions you may have either for myself or for our MP. I look forward to hearing from you:-

Dear TJ,

Many thanks for your email.

I believe that everyone has the right to a good education.

I am strongly against tuition fees. The original argument was that UK universities can’t keep up with US universities due to the amount of money they have to fund research yet I don’t believe the amount of money for research has actually improved.   

I do not support increases to student fees.

I along with my Liberal Democrat Colleagues would like tuition fees to be scrapped over the course of the next parliament.

Due to the economic crisis we cannot scrap tuition fees on the first day after the election (we wish we could but labour have ruined our economy) but over the course of a parliament (5 years) we would hope to get to the position to be able to do this.

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for young people today at university getting saddled with more debt yet seeing that many of their friends who have graduated can’t actually find any jobs!!!

Vince Cable, the Shadow Chancellor for the Liberal Democrats BEFORE the economic crisis was arguing that the Government needed to tackle both public and personal debt, the housing bubble and the banking system.

There are many things the Liberal Democrats would do to make our economy thrive – firstly by tackling the unfairness in the taxation system.   

We have to balance the books. To do this we would cut waste in the public sector (ID cards scheme) to protect front line public services. By reallocating Government spending we will ensure that children regardless of their background receive the best possible education, that pensioners are given a fair deal and that radical action is taken to combat rising unemployment.

I don’t want to go on too much but if there are more questions – PLEASE do email me.

I would be very happy to meet with Kingston University students to discuss this face to face.  Whether with a small group of student union body or a wider meeting open to all students – let me know which you think is best.

All the best,


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