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Email sent to Conservative & Labour PPC’s

Below is the email I’ve just sent to the Labour (Max Freedman)and Conservative (Helen Whately) PPC’s. I hope to hear from them soon. Their replies will of course be posted here too:-

Dear Max Freedman,

I’m emailing on behalf of our students at Kingston University. We have joined the NUS national campaign “Vote For Students” and are very keen to hear your views on Tuition Fees and the most recently announced Funding Cuts.

The coming General Election promises to be rather interesting to say the least, with no particular party seeming to hold the majority. The students at Kingston University are more than a little concerned about the recently announced funding cuts and we are extremely keen to hear your views on this and what you feel is the way forward for our Higher Education.

With the Government not wanting speak on Tuition Fees until after the Funding Review, which we of course know will not report back till after the general Election, the focus is now on individual MPs and PPCs. As a result we would very much appreciate it if you would sign the declaration below, written by NUS, pledging that you will vote against any increase in tuition fees. This will help inform our students on how to vote during the General Elections.


Our students look forward to hearing from you.

Your Sincerely

TJ Esubiyi

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