Welcome to the world of Music TJ!

Hey people!


Well, what to say huh? A brand new year and a brand new set of experiences ahead for all of us!


As the incoming president of the Students’ Union I have been chomping at the bit to get started! Now here we are at the starting line ready to go and I am excited beyond words!


To all the new students I say a big welcome to Kingston University! I hope you have a fabulous time here. I had an amazing time as a student and am looking forward to having an equally grand time as a sabbatical. I just finished a music degree and throughout this time I have met some amazing people without whom today I just couldn’t be. And my wish for all of you is that you make the most of your time here. You enjoy yourself, make lifelong friends. When you are done here I want you to have a great degree and some amazing experiences to take with you.


For many of you new students it can an exceptionally daunting prospect, leaving home for the first time, starting university and even moving to a different country for the first time. Let me assure you, there is more than a little support available for you. Either from the university or from us at the Students’ Union and we are more than happy to help. So if you happen to see me wandering around a campus or in town somewhere feel free to stop me and ask me questions. This is why I was elected, to assist you in every way I possibly can.


Check out the Students’ Union website www.kusu.co.uk to find out what we are doing to help make your time here as much fun as possible.


Beyond providing you with societies and sports clubs and many volunteering opportunities the Students’ Union is here to represent you. So if you find yourself needing any help with anything else do feel free to come by the offices, email us or just randomly grab any of the sabbaticals you see running around campus. Our pictures will be everywhere!


I will be updating my blog fortnightly so check back here often. Come follow me on twitter to find out what I’m getting up to for you students http://twitter.com/MusicTJ


Once again, welcome and have an amazing year!

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